Dear guests! We are happy to welcome You in Ukraine – land of an ancient and generous history, picturesque corners of nature and priceless cultural heritage.

The history of Ukraine begins over 1100 years ago, when on open spaces of Ukraine the powerful medieval European monarchy - the Kiev Rus was formed. It controlled lands over Tisa river and the western ridge of Carpathians, and in the south - the Crimean peninsula. Nowadays an ancient, beautiful and famous Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.

From the times of pagans to the present days’ Christian, Buddhist and Muslim temples Ukraine was and stays a home for many religions. Sofia of Kiev, Kiev-Pechersk Monastery – these are outstanding, nevertheless, not the only historical and architectural monuments of religion and spirituality.

Architectural heritage of Ukraine can tell You an ancient story of antique cities-states, about struggle against nomad tribes, about Christianity acceptance, show Cossack baroque and products of modern architects. Open-air museums will transfer you to the past for some centuries - the whirlpool of pleasure and carelessness will allow You to forget about ХХІ century.

Resorts of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, Carpathians and Crimea, clinics and sanatoria on mineral sources – all the hospitality during Your trip and/or staying in Ukraine is at Your service!

You will spend unforgettable time in Ukraine and the “Diva S” company will help You with that! We’ll be pleased to pick and book a comfortable hotel, sightseeing tours for You, we’ll organize a conference, seminar or meeting - all spectrum of service top-level!


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